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              HOTLINE: 400-550-288

              Brand attitude


              It represents an attitude

              Responsible attitude towards the customer

              Fully grasped the attitude of the project

              Full of embarrassing attitude towards the future

              Core concept

              Quality is the lifeline of Tweed

              The world image of Tweed products is created with extremely high-quality products. This is the responsibility of the country and the nation, and it is the sacred mission of an organization. Other goals must obey and serve "Quality is the lifeline of Tweed" and cannot affect product quality for any reason.

              core value

              Quality and Quality - Tweed people love their jobs and believe that quality is enough for life. It is the foundation of everything.

              Innovative quality – the only way to continuous success is to innovate; we challenge stereotypes and work hard to discover new ways to meet the needs of consumers.

              Efficiency Quality - We respond to consumer demand, changes to external markets as quickly as possible, and take effective action on issues within the company.

              Safety Quality - As the engineering lift industry, safety is the most basic requirement of our company and products, and it is also the core guarantee.

              Service Quality - We focus on providing quality and fast service to consumers, distributors and suppliers to create a win-win situation.

              Production concept

              Do every detail and manage every aspect. 

              Tewei conscientiously implements the "quality first" policy, adheres to "doing every detail, managing each link" and accurately controlling the supreme quality of "Tweed Manufacturing".

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